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[AU Fanart] Tom Pullings II

As promised, the second AU picture of Tom - this time with 100% the same amount of pants and 100% more spandex (that is to say, none and some).

Aside from being a theatre geek, AU!Tom is also a driver on the water polo team. So when offered a chance to draw him in a tiny little swimsuit (with his oh so intensely effeminate nickname emblazoned on the butt), I naturally jumped at it.

And then his hair jumped me whilst I was drawing it. I swear, I generally try to prevent the stuff from going all super-big and bishounen, but apparently I've been looking at too much art nouveau with the HUUUUUGE amounts of hair lately.

I'm certain I messed the numbering on his cap up, because I cannot find any sort of indication on teh intarbuttz as to the assignment of said numbers (beyond the goalkeeper being '1' and the replacement goaltender being '13').

Crossposted to a few places (masters_mate, jdarcy_daily, hms_surprise), so I apologise if you get this multiple times on your f-list. ^^; The picture is also available on deviantART and y!Gallery.
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