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masters_mate's Journal

Master's Mate - the Tom Pullings/James D'Arcy Comm
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"...a big shy silent master's mate...."

"Stephen returned to his window, watched the lithe young form of Thomas Pullings weave through the traffic, cross to the far side and hurry away with that easy, loose-limbed rolling gait of his kind towards the Point and his long night's wait in an open boat far out in the Channel. 'Devotion is a fine thing, a moving thing to see,' he reflected."

"Mr Pullings, or the Maiden as the Kutaliotes called him because of his mild face and gentle manners..."

"Jack turned a pale, hard face on him. 'Have you seen Pullings?' he asked.

'Why, yes, sir,' said Mowett, looking surprised. 'They have fairly ruined his waistcoat and knocked his wits astray; but that don't depress his spirits, I find.'"

Welcome! This community is for fanfiction about the character of Tom Pullings from Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series of novels, and from Peter Weir's film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Any and all pairings and combinations of Tom with other M&C characters are welcome, as are all ratings and types (het, slash, drabbles), but use proper labeling and warnings, and place all fiction more than 100 words in length or rated R and above behind a cut tag. Information about and photos of the actor James D'Arcy are also welcome, but please, no Real Person fic, slash or otherwise.