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Bearing more art.

This one is for dear sazzlette, in my own small effort to bribe inspire her to continue writing her lovely A/P M&C fanfiction, specifically the ball of delightful angst that is Trepidation.

Anywhoo, this was more or less inspired by chapter 5 of Expectations, in which Jack finally, FINALLY gets shagged. Hallelujah, pass the rum and praise the Lord! XD (Note the 'inspired by;' I was afraid to attempt squishing them into a cot, so they're on the floor instead.)

Sazzle, I did promise. And this one's for you.

Please note that this does contain more *ahem* mature content, and thus you will be linked to the preview page rather than directly to the image itself. I guess it's really more of an 'R' rating than anything (hey, if 'Original Sin' could get away with an 'R'), but still.


Enjoy, I hope. I'm not that good with adult-y stuff.
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