j. aubrey // unrepentant xigbar/vexen fan (admiral_chowder) wrote in masters_mate,
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Huzzah for anachronism!

They're 100% anachronistic, given the limitations of the d-maker, but you know you think they're utterly adorable. Even if there's absolutely no way to make Jack look plumper or make either of them actually look like men, even using the male template.

You knew someone, somewhere, was going
to do this eventually...

Also, for your viewing enjoyment and amusement (particularly for those who know the whole story behind this)...

There's such a long story behind this
one, but needless to say many people
have appreciated the mental picture...

All of these were created, at the basest level, here. However, all of these dolls are composites made from several individual dolls, painstakingly edited, coloured, and in some cases reclothed pixel by pixel by yours truly. Have a heart, don't take them.
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