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Pullington Music Video


Title: Real Love is Forever
Pairing: Jamie Norrington(PotC)/Tom Pullings (I hope it's allowed to make crossovers, if not, just tell me) 
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the movies used in the video.
Warning: Character Death

Summary: A video about the love of Jamie Norrington and Tom Pullings. PotC & Master and Commander Crossover.

After Tom's death in a great battle, James is haunted by memories (Sepia colour) and sees Tom everywhere as if he was still alive. People think Jamie is slowly going mad so he leaves the Navy and ends up in Tortuga, drinking himself into oblivion every night. After a drunken fight he is left on the street to die.
But sometimes death only leads you back to where you belong - into your lover's arms.

Clips: PotC, Mary Bryant, Master and Commander
Music: Evanescence: Even in death

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